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Artist statement

"The trip for self-discovery and expanded consciousnessdevelopment in my art"

My art reveals a deep wisdom that comes to life in silence. Each of my works carries a message that invites you to immerse yourself and reflect. In my artistic practice I follow my intuitive flow and bring to light the infinite beauty and wisdom that lies within each of us.

The circular shape that often appears in my works symbolizes infinite life and transformative change. The radiant gold, on the other hand, embodies purity, wisdom and spirituality.

My art is a journey through the labyrinth of the self, where abstract shapes and colors reveal the essence of self-determination. I encourage viewers to recognize their own golden qualities and live with confidence.

My vision goes beyond transforming and expanding the consciousness of all people. Through my art, I want to create a deeper connection to the universal wisdom that resides within each of us and help viewers realize that we are all part of a greater whole that transcends our physical existence.

Welcome to my world, where art and self-discovery merge into a harmonious unity and the vision of an expanded development of consciousness becomes reality."

From life advice to the screen:
The inspiring transformation of Denise Frunz


Denise Frunz, born in Lucerne, Switzerland, in 1969, has always had a creative nature. In recent years she has spent her time as a dedicated coach, accompanying people on their life path and helped them to rediscover their inner gold, their true self and to develop their full potential. But in 2020 she felt an inner calling that took her into a a new direction - the world of art.

Without formal training, she ventured into the world of abstract painting on a self-taught basis. With Armed with canvas, brushes and paints, she began her first attempts at painting. From these From tentative beginnings, a passionate love of art grew that can no longer be stopped.was. Her coaching room gradually transformed into a studio in which to channel her creative energy

could flow unhindered.

In her painting techniques she fuses acrylic paints, structural pastes, stone, wood and golden Leaf metal with a large dose of experimentation to creatively explore your inner world.manifest. During the painting process she follows her intuitive flow and dives deeply.into the facets of their creativity. Each image is an expression of her soul and her own

inner journey. Each work contains a unique message and invites the viewer to to reflect on yourself. Through her art she wants to inspire people to find their own to explore your true self and courageously embark on your inner journey.

She has already achieved remarkable success in her artistic journey, while her Works are increasingly gaining attention. Her unique creations touch the hearts of a growing audience and hint at promising future potential close.

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